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Most Free Choice experiments are one weight [1 wt], which means that we expect that you can complete the experiment within one three-hour session. The data taking can certainly be completed within this time, but you may have to spend time outside the lab hours completing the data analysis and final conclusions, etc. Two-weight experiments require two three-hour sessions. A two-weight experiment counts as two one-weight experiments.   

A BRIEF DESCRIPTION of all available Free Choice experiments is available.

Guide sheets for the free choice experiments are available from the following table in portable data format (PDF). You can read and print these PDF files using Acrobat Reader, which can be freely downloaded to your PC from the Adobe Acrobat web site.

You should have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or better. When printing, in order to print small fonts correctly, turn off any expanding or contracting features and also turn off (uncheck) "Print as Image".

All experiments are on the second floor of the McLennan Physical Laboratories (MP building).

Mechanics and Mechanical Systems


Atomic and Nuclear Physics


Fundamental constants


Free Fall [1 wt]

The Gyroscope [1-2 wt]

Mechanical Equivalent of Heat [1 wt]

Conservation of Momentum and Energy (air track)  [1 wt]

Oscillations of a Sphere on a Concave Surface [1 wt]

The Torsion Pendulum [1 wt]

Wilberforce Pendulum [1-2 wt]

Chaotic Motion [1 - 2 wt]

Radius of the Earth [1 wt]

Scattering [1-2 wt] The Cavendish Experiment [2 wt]

The Speed of Light [2 wt]


The booking program becomes accessible during the last week of October.  Your login to access the booking program is your nine-digit student number - i.e. 995165394.  your password is your "official" last name, as known to ROSI (case-sensitive).

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