DEADLINES  and SCHEDULES             

TESTS     (Info on the ERRTST here!)                                           

MARKING SCHEME (Check the Laboratory Manual for a detailed description of the lab marks.)

A major part of your lab mark will reflect the quality and quantity of work (with quality being of prime importance) which you have accomplished during the scheduled lab sessions under your demonstrator's supervision. Your final lab mark will be evaluated as follows:


  Fall Term (F) Spring Term (S)
Experiment Mark (Notebook, work in lab) 75% 80%
In-Lab Mark (work in lab) 20% 20%
Errtst (computer test on errors)  5% -

               Final Lab Mark = 0.5*F + 0.5*S

Experiment Mark All experiments are marked. Your experiment marks from the Fall term determine the Fall Experiment Mark. In the Spring term, your best five out of six marks will be used to calculate your Spring Experiment Mark.

In-Lab Mark During each lab session throughout the year, your demonstrator will be watching you and making notes on how you actually perform in the lab on an ongoing basis. Once in the Fall term and once in the Spring term, your demonstrator will base a mark on this ongoing observation. The In-Lab Mark will be the average of these grades.