Core Experiments

Mechanics and Mechanical Systems

Properties of Matter

Heat and Thermodynamics

Electric and Electronic Circuits

Wave Phenomena

Atomic and Nuclear Physics

The Flywheel [2 wt.]

The Torsion Pendulum
[2 wt.]

Boyle's Law
[1 wt.]


Heat Capacity [2 wt.] 

Thermal Expansion of A Solid [2 wt.] 

Vapor Pressure of Water
[2 wt.]

DC Circuits  [2 wt.]


Lens Optics [1 wt.]

The Speed of Sound in a Solid
[1 wt.]

Standing Waves and Acoustic Resonance [2 wt.] 

The Speed of Sound in a Pure Gas [1 wt.]

Spectra [1 wt.]

Note:  One weight [1 wt.] should require roughly one lab session (3 hours) to complete.
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