PHY138Y - Mechanics - Test Review - Monday Oct. 27, 2002

Change in the Mechanics Page

The Mechanics page at has been used to access the class summaries. You may have used it to get to this page.

Based on a suggestion from the PHY138 Thursday Representative Assembly which met last Friday, that page now includes:

On Studying for Physics Tests

As mentioned in our very first class, in Physics there are only a "few" powerful concepts This is different from some other courses, which may have a large body of facts to be learned.

One implication of this is that the "last minute cram" before a Physics test or exam probably does no good, and may actually get you even more confused. Thus at some point you should tell yourself that you know that material as well as you are going to, and should consider stopping studying.

An hour or so before the test, you might consider going for a walk!

Today's Class

Today was a review of "high points" of everything we have discussed this term. Access to a pdf version of the PowerPoint presentation that we used was made available in the previous class.

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