PHY138Y - Mechanics - Class 13 - Wednesday Oct. 22, 2002

Thursday Representative Assembly

The Representative Assembly for Thursday's tutorials meets this week. Friday, October 24, 12 noon to 1 PM in MP713.

Today's Class

We finished our discussion of Chapter 10 - Rotational Motion.

I continued to emphasise something we began discussing in the previous class: that the formal mathematical structure of the description of rotational motion is identical to the description of translational motion. Thus although the symbols used and their meanings are different for these two cases, in terms of the formalism there is virtually nothing new to learn in Chapter 10: you have already learned it in previous classes.

We used a gyroscope from the laboratory to discuss rotations of rigid bodies. The Guide Sheet for this non-core experiment is:

We analyzed the forces acting on the leg when a person is standing on one leg. A small document on this application of equilibrium has been prepared, and may be accessed via the links to the right. The html version has a file size of 89k including graphics, and the pdf version has a file size of 55k; each will appear in a separate window.
We ended by illustrating the topic of translational - rotational analogs using a Torsion Pendulum. The apparatus is from a core experiment in the lab. In addition to the actual apparatus, we used a Flash animation which is from the Guide Sheet for the experiment. You can access the animation by itself with the button to the right; separate window, 20k. The full Guide Sheet for the experiment is:
click for the animation
Note Sharp-eyed PHY138 students pointed out 3 mistakes in today's Journal, on pages 2, 4 and 6. I have corrected the mistakes in the Journal file in purple.

You may access the "Journal" from today's class by clicking on the button to the right. Separate window, 196k.

Next Class

The class on Monday, Oct. 27 will be a review for the test. You may access a pdf version of the PowerPoint presentation that will be used in that class with the button to the right. Separate window, 148k. click for the review
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