PHY138Y - A Discussion of Error Analysis

About the Test

The test took most students longer than we anticipated, for which we apologise.

The answers and marking scheme for the Problem will be available via the web in a few days. Your tutor has a copy of a preliminary marking scheme.

The reason why the marking scheme is only prelminary is that inevitably students do things in solving a problem that we did not anticipate. Thus the marking scheme will probably need some revision before becoming final.

Friday Representative Assemby

The PHY138 Representative Assembly for Friday's tutorials meets this week:

Today's Class

Today's class was a discussion of a laboratory topic: error analysis. You may access the Journal for today's class by clicking on the button to the right. Separate window, 237k.

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This is my last class with you in Convocation Hall. Dr. Vatch Deyirmenjian will begin the Waves section on Monday, Nov. 3.

However, I will still be around and you are welcome to drop by or email me to discuss Physics (or anything else). In any case, I will be seeing you in the laboratory in January.

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