Learning About UNIX-GNU/Linux

Perl Cross-Reference

Some people who have used these notes and/or taken the corresponding courses on which they are based have considerable background in Perl, but virtually none in the UNIX-GNU/Linux programming environment. This document, called from the main course Modules, correlates some UNIX-GNU/Linux commands and concepts with those in Perl. The order of the sections is the order in which they are called from the Modules.

Clicking on a penguin (always a fun thing to do!) provides a "Backlink" to the Module and Section that references that particular part of this document; it opens the page in the current window.

Some users have reported that they occasionally get confused about whether they are looking at the UNIX/Linux commands or the corresponding Perl ones. Thus this page has a background of a camel, the Perl logo; I have made him (her?) as unobtrusive as possible.

Backlinksystem and graves ``


Backlinkcp and rename

Backlinkcwd and chdir

Backlinkmkdir and rmdir


BacklinkChecking stderr


BacklinkRegular Expressions


BacklinkOpening Pipes


BacklinkFile Tests





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