PHY138Y - Mechanics - Class 15 - Wed. Nov. 3, 2004


"To err is human; to describe the error properly is sublime."

Cliff Swartz, 1999


Survey Results

A couple of weeks ago we conducted a survey of some of the teaching techniques we have been using in PHY138 this year. The results of the survey is available via the button to the right.

Test Answers

The test had two versions. Each had identical questions, but in different order. In addition, the order of the answers in a given question was different. The answers to the test questions are available in pdf form; the Multiple Choice answers are for Version 1.

Multiple Choice

Long Answer


Today's Class

Today we talked about error analysis, a topic from the laboratory. It is probably not optimal that not only did I do this class, but also wrote the document on this topic that you have been studying. This is because the treatment in class was so close to the document.

Today's Journal