Laboratory Staff

Lab Coordinators

The lab coordinators can assist you with scheduling or other administrative problems and are also available as "free agents" throughout the year for help in and outside of the lab.

Vatche Deyirmenjian
Office: MP124
Phone: 416 978-0583
E-mail: dey  at


David Harrison (Spring Term)

Office: MP121B

Phone: 416 978-2977

E-mail: harrison  at

If you need to change your lab section, please see

April Seeley

Office: MP129

Phone: 416 946-0531

E-mail: seeley  at


Resource Center This is located in room MP126, just to the left of the entrance. It is staffed by technologists who maintain the lab and all its equipment. You will be using the Resource Center to
obtain equipment which is not set out with the apparatus in the lab,
obtain extra information booklets on experiments, graph paper, books, film strips, videotapes relating to selected experiments, instrument manuals, and
report a faulty piece of equipment in order to have it repaired.

List of Demonstrators  Laboratory demonstrators are usually graduate students in Physics. Your demonstrator will be your principal support person, teacher, and evaluator throughout the academic year. He/she keeps track of your progress and provides a large portion of your overall laboratory mark.

PHY110_138Y Lab - List of demonstrators 2006-2007

Title Last Name First Name Office Work Phone e-mail address Groups
mohamed.abdelghani at
4A, 4P
abardon at
3C, 3R
Mr. Bayat Movahed Hanif LM435
hbayat at 3A, 3P

nbolingb at
2B, 2Q
Mr. Bongajum Emmanuel MP422
eleinyuy at 2E, 2T, 5A
Gao Dongfeng
MP1122 416-978-6822 dfgao at 3G, 6S
Mr. Goehring
Lucas MP410
goehring at
1E, 1T
Ms. Grang Gurinderpal MP096
gurinder at 3B, 3Q, 5B
Mr. He Shun MP045
shunhe at 2D, 2S
Ms. Hossein-Nejad Hoda MP045 416-978-7009 hoda.hossein.nejad  at 3F, 3U
Mr. Huang Junwei MP422 416-978-5177 jhuang at 2A, 2P, 4G
 Mr. Huang Lei  MP096  416-978-0584 lhuang at  2C, 2R, 5C
Mr. Jervis Dylan
djervis at 1F, 1U
Mr. Li Ding MP704A
dingli at 2F, 2U
Ms. Li Shuo MP090

shuoli at 1C, 1R
Mr. Liu Baoxu MP090
baoxuliu at 1D, 1S
Mr. Liu Xiaoxian MP045
xiliu at 3D, 3S
Mr. Pang Bijia MP1318 416-978-5861 bpang at 3E, 3T
Mr. Pelletier Etienne MP039 416-978-0353 epelleti at 4C, 4R
Ms. Pop Mihaela S612 416-480-6100/3392 mpop at 4F
Ms. Prodan

sprodan at
2G, 2V
Ms. Qin Guoying MP710 416-978-5213 gqin at 1G, 1V
Mr. Rendon Augusto PMH 7-306 416--946-4501/5745 crendon at 1B, 1Q
Mr. Stapleton Shawn S640 416-480-6100/3275 s.stapleton at 1A, 1P
Ms. Sun Langqiu MP422 416-978-5177 lsun at 6Q
Mr. Swidinsky  Andrei MP415  416-978-5177  aswidins at  2H, 2X
Ms. Vlad Roxana S640 416-480-6100/3275 rvlad at
1H, 1X,, 4E
Ms. Wang Jing   416-978-2706 jing at 2J, 2Y
 wwu at
 1J, 1Y, 6P
 Mr.  Yan Peifeng  MP704A
pyan at 4D, 4S, 5D
leon.yuan at
4B, 4Q
Mr. Hongxu Zhao MP619 416-978-2706 hongxu at 2K, 6R


Index: MP = McLennan Physics; LM = Lash Miller Chemistry; PMH = Princess Margaret Hospital, S = Sunnybrook