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Education  The Personal Fonemate & Other Cautionary Tales, a discussion of appropriate and inapproriate uses of computers in teaching. This is the text of a paper delivered to the 22nd International Conference on Improving University Learning and Teaching, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, July 1997. (43k) David M. Harrison pdf
Education The Physical Pendulum in an Advanced Undergraduate Course in Mechanics, a paper that appeared in the journal Computers in Physics 8, 416-419 (1995). It discusses studies of the pendulum and computer algorithms to solve the equations of the pendulum. (69k) David M. Harrison pdf
Error Propagation Propagation of errors of precision using Mathematica and the Experimental Data Analyst package. This brief discussion is suitable for students at all levels who need to do a fair amount of error propagation calculations. (8k) David M. Harrison html
Fitting Techniques A brief introduction to fitting data to models. The emphasis is on least-squares techniques. The level is somewhat beyond what we expect from a typical first year student. (43k) David M. Harrison pdf
Heat Equation Solving partial differential equations (PDEs) by computer, particularly the heat equation. The emphasis is on the explicit, implicit, and Crank-Nicholson algorithms. Other types of PDE's are discussed, including the Schrödinger equation. Used by upper-year physics majors and specialists. (45k) David M. Harrison pdf
LabVIEW Tutorials LabVIEW is a software tool from National Instruments for data acquisition and process control. The link to the left provides access to a 10-part tutorial in using LabVIEW and a one-page summary document. James R. Drummond pdf
Learning UNIX-GNU/Linux The link to the left provides access to five Modules on the UNIX-GNU/Linux computing environment. Each Module has been used as class notes for a 2 hour discussion on this computing environment. David M. Harrison html
Maple Libraries html pdf A tutorial on library creation and maintenance for the Maple programming language. (70k/39k). David M. Harrison and Solomon R.C. Douglas html and pdf
Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques The link to the left provides access to a thirteen-part set of lecture notes from a course in microprocessor interfacing; the course is taken by upper year students and by graduate students. James R. Drummond pdf
Monte Carlo Simulation Discusses the computer generation of events obeying some statistical model using Monte Carlo simulation. Brief reviews of Special Relativity and High Energy physics are also provided, and a small discussion of the generation of pseudo-random numbers is included. Used by upper year physics majors and specialists. (47k) David M. Harrison pdf
Time Series Analysis The link to the left provides access to a series of lecture notes on time series analysis from a course taken by upper year students. David M. Harrison pdf
Visualisation and Transformation of Data A brief discussion of techniques for exploration of data with visualisation and transformation. Not terribly technical, but does examine techniques often considered to be advanced. (51k) David M. Harrison html

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