The Height of the Tower

David M. Harrison - November 2001

Here we summarise the results of 1st year Physics student measurements of the height of the Physics tower.

One result reported that the tower was 6,314.976 ± 479 m tall. For comparison, the height of the CN tower is 553 m. This student's result, which also demonstrates a lack of understanding of significant figures, has been dropped from the dataset.

Here is a plot of the height of the building with claimed errors. The data are presented in an essentially random order.


Here are some statistics for the measurements:

Mean [Graphics:Images/index_gr_2.gif]
[Graphics:Images/index_gr_3.gif] [Graphics:Images/index_gr_4.gif]
Quartiles [Graphics:Images/index_gr_5.gif]
Minimum [Graphics:Images/index_gr_6.gif]
Maximum [Graphics:Images/index_gr_7.gif]
[Graphics:Images/index_gr_8.gif] 278

Finally we show a histogram of the results:


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