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Function/Sweep Generators


Manufacturer: Wavetek
Model: 180


Generator is a source of precise sine, triangle and square waveforms. Frequency of the waveforms is manually and remotely variable from 0.1 Hz to 2 MHz.

The generator can repetitively sweep from one frequency to a higher frequency, with controllable rate and range of sweep. Amplitude of the waveforms is variable from 10V peak-to-peak into 50 ohm down to30 mV p-p. DC reference of the waveform can be offset positively and negatively.


Output Signals Sine, triangle, square, TTL pulse, ramp and DC.
Frequency Range0.1 Hz to 2 MHzm (7 ranges)
X 1 (0.1 Hz to 2 Hz)
X 10 (0.1 Hz to 20 Hz)
X 100 (0.2 Hz to 200 Hz)
X 1K (2 Hz to 2 kHz)
X 10K (20 Hz to 20 kHz)
X 100K (200 Hz to 200 kHz)
X 1M (2 kHz to 2 MHz)
Main OutputHI (-30 dB) to LO (-50 dB) by amplitude control
HI output20V peak-to-peak max open circuit
(10V peak-to-peak max into 50 ohm load)
LO outputprovides 1V peak-top-peak max into 50 ohm load)
Output Impedence50 ohm
DC Output/Offset(as offset or Vdc output)
HI output±10V max (±5V into 50 ohm load)
LO output±1V max into 50 ohm load
Waveform offset limited to ±10 Vp HI and ±1 Vp LO
GCV Output0 to +2V proportional to freq. of main generator
Output impedence600 ohm
Dial accuracy± 3% of full scale for 0.01 Hz to 200 kHz
Sine Distortionless than 0.5% on X 100, X1K, X 10K ranges
less than 1.0% on X 1, X 10, X 100K range
Square waverise and fall time less than 75 ns
Trianglelinearity greater than 99% to 200 kHz

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Operating Instructions

  1. Allow a 1/2 hour warm up when output is critical.
  2. Manual Control
    1. Connect circuit to either HI or LO output.
    2. Set FREQ MULT to desired range of frequency.
    3. Adjust FREQUENCY DIAL to desired frequency.
    4. Set waveform selector to desired waveform (sine, triangle, square, DC)
    5. Adjust DC offset to 0 or positive/negative offset.
    6. Select desired amplitude using AMPLITUDE DIAL.
  3. Sweep Generator Operation
    1. Perform steps outlined above
    2. Adjust SWEEP WIDTH to desired upper frequency of the sweep.
    3. Adjust SWEEP RATE to desired speed of the sweep.

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keywords: frequency generator, signal generator, triangle wave generator, sine wave generator, ramp wave generator, square wave generator.

Document created June 13, 1996. Original author: Jeremy Bailin and Jaime Espinoza.