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Bookshelf imagesAs academic staff in the Department of Physics, University of Toronto, make increasing use of the web to deliver course materials, many of their documents are likely to be of interest to a wider audience than just students in the courses for which they were originally prepared. Links to the documents are from the "home pages" of the individual courses. This page provides additional access to documents in this Physics Virtual Bookshelf. The contents of the bookshelf have been sorted into categories, which may be accessed through the Categories menu which appears to the left. Many documents appear in multiple categories.

The format of the documents is either html, readable by a web browser, or pdf, the Portable Document Format developed by Adobe. Reading pdf documents requires that you have the Acrobat Reader, which is available free from Adobe at http://www.adobe .com. The format of each document is identified as part of the listing. The approximate file size is also indicated as part of the description.

An issue for on-line documents is whether to read them on your screen or print the document and read it as hardcopy. The choice depends on the individual: most people find that reading hardcopy is much more effective than reading on a screen, particularly for the types of documents provided here.

If you are using a relatively modern browser, the documents will appear in a separate window; older browsers will display the documents in this window.

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