PHY 489/1489S

Introduction to High Energy Physics

David Bailey

(rm 919, tel 978-4993,

This course surveys the experimental basis and theoretical framework of the "Standard Model" and its possible extensions. Emphasis will be given to topics of current interest and to the interaction between experimental data and theoretical ideas.

Questions addressed include:

Also: quantum electrodynamics, structure, the quark model, the parton model, quantum chromodynamics, weak interactions, electroweak unification, grand unification.

Prerequisites: PHY488 or equivalent; or a mark of A- or better in PHY357.

Text: The main text is your lecture notes (both handouts and what I write on the blackboard).

You are expected to know your way around the Physics Department library, where to find the Review of Particle Properties, (European Physical Journal, Volume 3, Number 1-4, 1998), and to have access to a basic Quantum Field Theory text such as Mandl and Shaw: Quantum Field Theory , or Peskin and Schroeder: An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory.

Other books I use include:

Lectures: Currently Thursday 910-1100am in MP 118, but likely shifted to 1010-1200am

Web Site: on UPSCALE at


Problem Sets: due Thursday, 28 January, 25 February, 18 March, and 8 April.
                           A computer may be helpful for a few problems.
        Late penalty: 5% per working day, not accepted more than 1 lecture late.

Final Exam: 3 hours; calculator and handwritten letter sized, double sided aid sheet allowed.