(1)The PHY180H1F labs start in the SECOND week of term (the first week only has two days - Thursday and Friday).

Check the lists outside the lecture room of the first lecture on Friday to see which experiment you will start first.

(2)A full working version of the DataStudio software that you use in the laboratory is available to download from:

After installing DataStudio you will be asked to "Select setting file". Select "Complete Feature Set". If you don't get this message (or if you made a mistake), open DataStudio, click on "File" then "Options" then "Load..." then select "Complete Feature Set". Only after this should you open a .ds file.

(3)For your first assignment you will be required to download DataStudio and modify the DataStudio file called Assignment1Problem1.

You should perform the download as soon as possible and not wait for the assignment to be handed out. In fact, you can download the first assignment from the course web site and start it even before classes start.

Let us assume that you have downloaded DataStudio.
If you are using Microsoft Explorer: You only need to click on the link, Assignment1Problem1, above and the DataStudio session will start.
If you are using Netscape: You must right click on the link and save the DataStudio file to a convenient location. Start a DataStudio session and open the activity (file) that you have just saved.

When you start DataStudio it expects an interface like the one you will be using in the laboratory. You don't need an interface because you will not be taking data but only modifying data. Just click on Choose then Cancel to show that you do not have an interface attached to your computer.

(4) If you wish to be called by a name which is different from the one that appears on ROSI then please email me ( ) so that I can change the class lists (I won’t change ROSI).


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