PHY138Y - Mechanics - Class 1 - Mon. Sept. 13, 2004

I use a Tablet PC in class, on which I write. The program in which I write is called Journal, and later I convert it's file to an html document with gif images of the pages. You may access the html file from today's class by clicking on the button to the right. It will appear in a separate window.
Today I also used a PowerPoint presentation on the side screens of Convocation Hall. Much of the content of this was just a summary of the more complete description in class. You may access the slides, in pdf form, by clicking the button to the right. The document will appear in a separate window.

Summaries of each class, similar to this one, will appear shortly after the class.

Do not use these summaries as a substitute for attending class.
For most students, they will not be as effective as attending the class.

For Next Class

Read the following sections of the textbook: §1.1 - §1.5 and §1.7 - §1.8

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