PHY132S Waves - Class 7 - Monday January 26 2009

In Convocation Hall we discussed the Camera Obscura from §23.1 of the text; we did not discuss this in the MP102 session of the course. Instead we finished the Ray Model, which we had already finished in the Con Hall session.

Then for both sections we discussed we discussed §23.2 - §23.5. We essentially finished these sections, although I will have a brief remark about an example of diffraction, dispersion and Raleigh scattering in class on Wednesday.


In the Journal, I mis-drew the figure at the top of page 4. I corrected the figure on Thursday January 29: the correction is in purple.


As usual, here are links to the PowerPoint, Journal, and Flash animations that we used in class today.

Side Screen PowerPoint as pdf
Journal as pdf (Con Hall only)
A Flash animation on reflection and a rotating mirror
A Flash animation on refraction using a Wave Model
A Flash animation on refraction using a Ray Model
A Flash animation of the wave of electric and magnetic fields generated by an oscillating electric charge

Suggested Exercises and Problems from Chapter 23

Although contained in the pdf of the Side Screen PowerPoint, here they are again:

22, 43, 53, 71, 80