PHY132S Waves - Class 4 - Wednesday January 14 2009

Today we finished Chapter 21. We discussed §21.4 through §21.8.

The discussed basically combined §21.5, §21.6 and §21.7 to attempt to help you get the "big picture" without becoming mired in the details.


As usual, here are links to the PowerPoint and and Journal we used in class today.

Side Screen PowerPoint as pdf
Journal as pdf (Con Hall only)

Another Link

Here is a web page with lots of pictures and links to applets which you may find useful and/or interesting:

You may wish to know that the author, Joe Alward, was a colleague of Dr. Harlow (Practicals coordinator) when Jason was at the University of the Pacific. Fortunately for us, the University of Toronto scooped him away from the University of the Pacific.