PHY132S Waves - Class 1 - Monday January 5 2009

As will be typical, this document summarises what we did in class, and provides links to the various files that we used or created during the class. It is not intended to be a substitute for attending class.

Today we:

Here is a link to the pdf version of the PowerPoint that we used in class. Click on fhe blue button to access it; it will appear in a separate tab/window.
In Convocation Hall we use a Tablet PC as an electronic blackboard. Here is link to a pdf version of that journal. (The class in MP102 uses the real blackboard.)
We used Flash animation of the air molecules as a sound wave passes through the air. Here is a link.

We used a Java applet of a wave travelling down a string. We used the applet in two different ways:

  1. Mode: Pulse, No end, Amplitude = 50, Pulsewidth = 50, Demping = 0
  2. Mode: Oscillate, No end, Amplitude = 50, Pulsewidth = 50, Demping = 0

Embedded in the PowerPoint was an animated gif. In the pdf of the PowerPoint, of course, the gif doesn't move. Here is the animated version: