PHY132S Relativity - Class 2 - Wednesday March 25 2009


Pre-Class Quiz 10 (Relativity 2) is released. It is due by 10 AM Monday March 30

Textbook Mistake

The first paragraph of the Experimental Evidence sub-section of §37.6 is garbled. The correct data are given in the Practicals Relativity Module Activity 4.

Today's Class

Today we discussed how one can define an inertial reference frame if there is no absolute space with which compare its motion.

Then we did a rather careful job of determining where and when some event occurs. We largely followed §37.4

I deferred discussion of §37.5 Simultaneity until after we talk about length contraction in §37.7.

We spent the rest of today's class talking about time dilation, §37.6. Our discussion was similar to the textbook except for our treatment of cosmic ray muons, when I presented a simplified view.

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