PHY132S Relativity - Class 1 - Monday March 23 2009

Small Syllabus Change

The text has a lovely argument about simultaneity in §37.5 which I urge you to read. However, I will not be discussing the topic of simultaneity until after we have introduced the length contraction.

Assignments for This Week

Reading Assignment

Text §37.1 - §37.6, SCN §A

Suggested Problems

Textbook Chapter 37: 9, 13, 19. SCN 1

First edition: Chapter 36: 9, 13. SCN 1. Problem 37.19 from the 2nd edition is not in the 1st edition. Problem 36.19 is a reasonable substitute.

MasteringPhysics Problem Set 8

Due by 11:59 PM on Friday March 27.

Today's Class

We discussed the concept of relativity for Gaileo and for Einstein. We then talked about the constancy of the speed of light. Finally, we discussed the Michelson-Morley Experiment.

The Side Screen Slides
Today's Journal
A Flash animation illustrating Galileo's thinking about relativity