JPU200Y - The Way of Physics

News flash! The tutors have organised a review session for the Final Exam:

This is the main page for the second half of JPU200Y - The Way of Physics.

The lecturer in the first half, Professor Logan, has made some materials available, which may be accessed by clicking here.

JPU200Y is a course in modern physics without mathematics. You may go to a page discussing a particular topic related to the course by clicking on in in the Table of Contents to the left.

JPU200Y students may check their tutorial assignments and marks via the web. The URL is:

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Your user name is your official 10-digit student number. You may only know your old 9-digit number, ie. 987654321. In this case the 10-digit number is almost certainly a zero 0 followed by your 9-digit number, ie. 0987654321.

Your password is your last name; for last names with more than eight characters, only the first eight are significant.

Note that both the URL (i.e. the "Location" you give your browser) and the password are case sensitive: do not use lower case letters in place of upper case ones and vice versa. Also note that the trailing slash / in the URL is not optional.

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