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1.   Background and Language

2.   Accelerators

3.   Passage of Radiation Through Matter

4.   Detectors

5.   The Subatomic Zoo

6.   Structure of Subatomic Particles

   except Section 6.9-6.11, and "Diffraction Scattering - Frauenhofer Approximation" & "The Glauber Approximation" in Section 16.12

7.    Additive Conservation Laws

8.1   Invariance Under Spatial Rotation

8.3   Charge Independence of Hadronic Forces

9.    P, C, and T

10.   The Electromagnetic Interaction

11.   The Weak Interaction

12.1  Introduction to Gauge Theories

13.    The Electroweak Theory

14.    Hadronic Interactions

15.    Quarks, Mesons, and Baryons

16.1  Liquid Drop Model

16.2  The Fermi Gas Model

19.3  Neutrino Astronomy

19.5  Stellar Collapse and Neutron Stars