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You will attend six lab sessions in the Fall Term. You are required to attend all lab sessions. If you miss a lab for any reason, such as illness, you must make up the lab at another time agreed upon with your demonstrator. You will receive a mark of zero for each lab that you miss and do not make up.

You are required to finish 6 "weights" of experiments in the fall term. The "one weight" experiments are designed so that their data-taking stage can be completed within one three-hour period. However, this will be true only if you have spent some time beforehand in preparation, and fully understand the purpose and method of approach to the experiment you are about to perform. We also expect that you may have to do some of the final analysis outside the lab hours. The "two weight" experiments take twice as long and count as two "one weight" experiments with the same mark. 

In the first four laboratory sessions, you will perform four "one weight" experiments in Classical Mechanics. The instruments you will use are connected via an interface to a PC, with which you will record and analyse your data.

For the last two laboratory sessions you will choose from a list of "free choice" mechanics experiments (see “Experiments” page on this web site).

Note: You are STRONGLY advised to complete the Error Test (ERRTST) appreciably before your deadline in order to avoid long lineups at computer terminals or last-minute emergencies. No extensions of time are possible FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER!

17 October (Friday)

 ERRTST must be completed by this date.

28 November (Friday)     

Final date for submission of the Formal Report.

28 November (Friday)   

All lab work must be completed by this date.